The Circular Benchmark Tool is made possible by:

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The Circular Benchmark Tool is made possible by:

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Thank you for joining our journey

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Thank you for joining our journey

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Monitoring progress towards a global circular economy

The Circular Benchmark Tool (CBT) is an effective assessment to understand, visualize, and compare the transition towards a circular economy for regions and provinces. One of the key aims of the CBT is to act as replicable tool for knowledge exchange to improve regional circular performance and facilitate cross-regional learning about circular economy.

8 reasons why you should use the CBT

  1. Assess, understand, and improve your regional Circular Maturity Level
  2. Enjoy an online and easy to use self-assessment (based on simple yes/no answers) 
  3. Obtain a report with your regional results and benchmark with other regions
  4. Learn with and from other regions based on benchmarking results
  5. Understand best-practices and examples from extensive literature review
  6. Apply your regional results as an input for your Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP)
  7. Deepen your regional circular economy focus (tool is developed with and for regions only)
  8. Accelerate the circular economy transition with this unique tool, complementary with quantitative tools (e.g. raw material flows)


Join our journey

The ambition of CBT is to include 50 regions in 2022 to enhance the benchmarking experience plus cross-regional learning and knowledge exchange.

Accelerate the circular economy transition

Shifting the current linear system to a circular one requires a global effort. No country, as of yet, satisfies the basic needs of its citizens while respecting the ecological boundaries of the planet.

Accelerating the transition requires cross-border collaboration. Measuring and monitoring progress is a key element to facilitate such an acceleration. 

Region Of Crete

We gladly received the results of the Benchmark Tool. It is a great job, thoroughly investigated and I really enjoyed your reports. It has a deep scientific approach focusing always “to the point”, while the results provide valuable information for each participant.

Yannis Charitakis, Crete Greece
Provincie Fryslan

Completing the tool with regional stakeholder gave us valuable insights on further accelerating the transition to a circular economy. Plus, it provides state of art information on circular policy interventions to be taken.

Sander Bos, Friesland The Netherlands
Ccdrc 2 0

This is really an interesting and useful assessment tool. It’s very well thought out with a very ambitious take on how to promote Circular Economy in regions.

Carlos Silveira, Centro Portugal

I found it really helpful and inspiring! It brought us a great idea of where to improve and which pathways to follow!

Mirko Kruse, Hamburg Germany