Introduction Circular Benchmark Tool

The Circular Benchmark Tool (CBT) is an effective assessment to understand, visualize and compare the state-of-development of the Circular Economy transition for regions and provinces.

One of the key aims of the CBT is to act as replicable system for knowledge exchange to improve circular performance in regions and facilitate cross-regional learning and knowledge exchange regarding the Circular Economy

The tool was launched in 2020 facilitated by INTERREG EUROPE REPLACE. The Province of Fryslân has a leading role in the development of this essential tool.

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The ambition of CBT is to include 50 regions in 2021 to enhance the benchmarking experience plus cross-regional learning and knowledge exchange.

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6 indicators (in development)

The tool is applying seven overarching indicators. Please note that in the new version, launched October 2021 six overarching indicators are identified

Valuation criteria

CBT applies a general valuation approach based on the Demings quality circle of PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT. This iterative four-step management method is enhanced by an extra step ‘leading by example’. Leading by example helps other regions see what lies ahead and act swiftly to counter any challenges along the way.

Expected results