The Circular Benchmark Tool is made possible by:

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The Circular Benchmark Tool is made possible by:

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Thank you for joining our journey

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Thank you for joining our journey

Do you want to get involved to further implement the CBT in your region? Please register to get in touch and collaborate.

What can you expect from the CBT?

After setting up a user profile you can access the assessment environment of the Circular Benchmark Tool (CBT). The environment consists of 6 indicators, each with different statements to answer (yes/no) upon. You can easily pause the assessment and save results to discuss some topics offline with your colleagues/partners. Once all statements are answered you'll be able to see your results including benchmarking and download a PDF report. 

A step by step explanation for regions

The CBT is developed with and for regions. See below a step by step explanation to ease the registration process and start the assessment to monitor your regional progress towards a circular economy.

Step 1: Sign up to CBT

Do you want to assess your regional circular performance and benchmark yourself with other regions? Create an user account via buttons below.

Step 2: Start the circular benchmark assessment

Once your user account is set up you can access the assessment environment. There are 6 overarching indicators (Circular Procurement, Access to Funding, Circular Society, Circular Value Chain, Good Governance, Integrated Policy Framework) with unique statements that you will be able to answer. Possible answers in the dropdown menu per statement include: yes, no, partly and future intention. The answers 'partly' and 'future intention' are included to understand which regions (intent) to develop activities in this area and which can potentially team up. You can upload documents to support your answer.

Step 3: Complete the assesment

Do you need support in the execution of the CBT? Feel free to save the progress in the tool to discuss with your colleagues and continue the assessment at another point in time; Use the assistance in the tool (on the right side of the statements); Check our FAQ section for your questions; Contact us in case you have additional questions.

Step 4: Interpret results and download your report

Once the assessment is finalized you will see the results of the assessment including the benchmark with other regions. There are two types of results: The Maturity Score and the Average Score. The Maturity score shows the valuation criteria where for the first time ‘no’ is provided as an answer within an indicator. The Average Score indicates the average total amount of points within an indicator as a whole (despite in which valuation criteria answers are provided). Depending on the user account chosen you can benchmark with all regions (Explore & Trial) or preselected regions only (Reflect & Improve and Exchange & Learn)

Start your journey towards circularity

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