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CBT founded on extensive research and best practices

The methodology behind the Circular Benchmark Tool (CBT) is developed in a stepwise approach based on ‘learning, validating, and applying’.

The indicators assessed in the CBT are based on extensive field and desktop research in which over 90 global (policy) papers were assessed with relevant indicators. All indicators were carefully assessed and further categorized in 6 overarching indicators to structure the content within the CBT.

As circular economy is a topic in constant development, so it is and should be this monitoring framework for regions.

Areas of assessment

The Circular Benchmark Tool (CBT) is applying 6 overarching indicators based on extensive research.

Circular Procurement
The extent to which the region engages public and private suppliers to increase procurement based on Circular Economy principles .
Access to Funding
The extent to which the region enables access to finance (regional) circular activities in order to transition to a Circular Economy.
Circular Society
The extent to which the region creates awareness, motivates people, develops and deploys circular competencies (knowledge and skills) to contribute to circular economy transition.
Value Chain Activation
The extent to which the region stimulates circular value creation among stakeholders in and across supply chains.
Good Governance
The extent to which the region is orchestrating, facilitating, promoting and enabling the transition to a circular economy.
Integrated Policy Framework
The extent to which the region establishes and integrates a coherent circular policy framework over the regional policy domains to align policy and legislation with circular principles and best practices.

CBT 5 Maturity levels

The CBT includes 5 Maturity levels to assess at which step your region is in each indicator:

Map and analyse the baseline situation: There is an overview within and across regions present and clear objectives are set.
Establish objectives and processes required to deliver the desired results: There is a clear action plan to achieve objectives, with political support.
Perform according to the plan from the previous step: Activities are being performed.
Checking & Acting
Evaluate the data and results gathered from the 'doing' phase: Results of activities are monitored (across regions) and ongoing improvements are made.
Leading by example
Learn from best practices in and across regions: This helps other regions to see what lies ahead and to act quickly to counter any challenges along the way.
“A region that wants to lead tomorrow has to learn from others today.”

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The ambition of CBT is to include 50 regions in 2022 to enhance the benchmarking experience plus cross-regional learning and knowledge exchange.