INTERREG Europe helps regional and local governments across Europe to develop and deliver better policy. One of the Interreg Europe projects funded under the IV call Circular Economy is the REgional PoLicy Actions for Circular Economy (REPLACE).

REPLACE aims at improving management, implementation and monitoring of regional policy instruments targeted at facilitating the transition towards a CE, while boosting sustainable development.

One of the activities performed in REPLACE is to develop this CBT for European regions to benchmark their performance in relation to other regions. Within REPLACE this benchmark methodology is developed, tested and evaluated among regions within and outside the REPLACE consortium. The Province of Fryslân (delegated to ProActBlue and Rademaker Consulting) have a leading role in the development of this essential tool.

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The ambition of CBT is to include 50 regions in 2021 to enhance the benchmarking experience plus cross-regional learning and knowledge exchange.

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